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Friday, July 21, 2017

So you're at Comic-Con and you would like to purchase the amazing and awesome Usagi Yojimbo figure? Well, that's extremely unlikely to happen. Because Playmates so wisely only made 350 of these, daily stock available is extremely limited. Reports vary from 25-60 per day. Because getting into the Convention Center each morning is a crazy process, even if you go immediately to the Nickelodeon booth, the line will already be too long for you to have a chance at purchasing it. The only people who are getting in line early enough to be able to buy it, are people with early access to the exhibit floor, who are most likely resellers, not fans. My friend who is a fan and did manage to get in line before the exhibit hall opened this morning was still not able to purchase one. I hope that sales on last year's extremely disappointing exclusive figure didn't influence the decision to only make 350 of these figures, but I would really like to know how they did decide to make it so extremely limited.

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