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Friday, January 31, 2014

A Real Look at the 2014 TMNT Movie Toys

And here it is - finally, our first real picture of the 2014 "Ninja Turtles" movie toys! Here we see Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo. This picture is via Stoer Magazine at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. These are apparently the 12" scale figures.


  1. They look like ogres not turtles. Makes me miss the next mutation turtles. The worst thing for me is that it is going to take even longer to get a proper reboot now that this film is happening. The first film will probably do well enough because everyone wants to see what it is all about.

  2. I don't know what this is that I am looking at. I try to stay optimistic, but . . .

  3. When I saw the movie poster for the new movie, I was like: O_0
    To me they look like the Goomba's from the old live action Mario Bros. movie - and that's not a good thing! Esp. Mikey! He's supposed to be the cutest, the baby-face of the four, and to me he appears to be the ugliest! DX
    I don't know about this flick. I mean, I know they're going for a more realistic look, but guys, come on! Let's land somewhere in the middle, between the new and the old!

  4. 4 turtles... Unassumingly same spieces... DIFFERENT SHAPED PLASTRONS. Strike 1. The clothing I can actually see working, after all, they are teenagers and have different personalities. I don't think Splinter would make them all look the same... It's not his little militia after all... The heads for Mikey looks quite a bit like the old Toxie head from the Toxic Crusader toys, and it's the wrong color, and too big! Raph looks scaled wrong, not like he is buff... but more like he is just the wrong size all together. His shell sinks in? He looks oafish. The Donatello figure actually doesn't look too bad to me, I mean, it almost looks like a mutant turtle anyway. That's my 2 cents.

  5. I like em....digging everything. The paint is a little weak and mikeys face is a little warped, but u have to keep in mind guys these are just prototypes not what goin to be on the self..I'm sure!

  6. God these look awful, Mikey looks hideous and deformed like the Hunchback of Notre Dame cartoon movie, was his name Quazi Moto? I like the concept of adding clothes but all 4 of them seem to come from different parts of the world or something, way too radical of a change from each Turtle to the next.

    Now I'll admitt, I thought the new Nick series was gonna blow but it blew me away and I was hooked from the first episode, however this movie seems to leak worse information every day and looks worse by the minute, the Shredder looks ridiculous too, though surprisingly a lot of people like the new look but he seems to not even look human anymore from the pics I've seen. I'm very dissapointed, I've been waiting for what seems liek a lifetime for a great new live action TMNT movie and seems like I'm not going to get it anytime soon............

  7. These "Things" Look Like TRASH. why would ANYONE be EXCITED over this CRAP!? the TMNT are a HUGE part of my life.. and even i cant say i wanna see this movie or buy these figures. GAG!

  8. THIS LOOK HORRIBLE! First they announced the movie and I was so excited as TMNT was and is still huge in my life. I loved those old movies and cartoons. When nick released the new TMNT I was skeptical but saw episode one and I was hooked they did such a good job...I was hoping that Nick's story line and today's new technology that the live action movie would be great...BUT then they announced Megan Fox STRIKE 1 she is no April and it just goes to to show theyre after money and money alone. I am so surprised that TMTNT creators would even sign off on this movie. Now we see a sneek peek of what they'll look like and in no way do any of these things look or even feel like TMNT. They've ruined it. Thanks alot....

  9. You do have the Turtles from the Nick- series - and they rock! Stop ranting about the downfall of TMNT only this one movie (and its toyline) maybe sucks, people.
    Me no like to argue about things I could not lay my eyes on in real (altough Nuremberg ToyFair, where this picture was taken, isn´t that far away ... ;-)).

    p.s. I love this blog. ;-)

  10. bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  11. I'm def gonna buy them because its TMNT toys but that doesn't mean they will be my favorite set.

    I have some questions for Michael Bay though:

    -Did you turn this into Transformers 4 on purpose because nobody else would let you make it???

    -Why are they so huge?

    -Why does Raph have a shrunken head?

    -What's wrong with Mikeys nunchucks and why does he look like a Goonie?

    -Why is Donnie dressed like he's from Japan in Turtles 3 back in time???

    -Why are they all different shades?

    ...They look like 4 different species.
    They should have just let this moron make them into aliens like he wanted, at least then they would have a reason to look like shit.

  12. These are the ugliest pieces of crap that I've ever seen. I never thought I would see the day where there would be TMNT toys that I didn't want, but here we are... 0-:-(