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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

IDW Donatello #1 - Variant Cover Guide

Happy leap day! Your prize for this extra day in the year is a new TMNT comic book! Woohoo!

You can jump start your trip to the comic shop by reading a preview. (Just don't read it as you're driving to the comic shop!)

Note: This issue takes place between issues #6 & #7.

Cover A
Cover C
Cover A: David Petersen (color).
Regular cover; distributed in a 4:1 ratio with cover B.

Cover C: David Petersen (black & white).
Retailer incentive cover; 1 copy sent to retailers for every 10 copies ordered.

Cover B
Cover D
Cover B: Valerio Schiti.
Regular cover; distributed in a 1:4 ratio with cover A.

Cover D: Peter Laird.
Retailer incentive cover; 1 copy sent to retailers for every 25 copies ordered.

Friday, February 24, 2012

TMNT: Shell Shock Grand Opening Party March 17 at Nickelodeon Universe

Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, has announced their plans for the grand opening of their new thrill ride, TMNT: Shell Shock. The plan is to break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Ninja Turtles! (The current record is 748 people, set at Rutgers University on April 10, 2008.)

This is a great opportunity for fans to have fun and be a part of TMNT history! As you wait for the ride to open, check out these pictures of the ride being built (and even more pictures on Facebook).

Check out all the details below!

Concept art for the new ride.
Event details:

March 17
Registration: 8 a.m.
Event Start: 9 a.m.
West Entrance of Nickelodeon Universe

Celebrate the grand opening of our new ride, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Shell Shock!”

Help us break the World Record for the Largest Gathering of Ninja Turtles and ride Shell Shock for FREE*! Come as you are or show your Turtle Power by dressing like Mikey, Donnie, Raph or Leo. All participants will receive a Turtles t-shirt and mask while supplies last.

All participants must be in costume or wearing the provided t-shirt and mask by 9 a.m. to participate in the World Record attempt.

*All participants will receive a Nickelodeon Universe 6-point pass. Must be 48” tall to ride Shell Shock.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

IDW TMNT #7 Variant Cover Guide

TMNT #7 is in comic shops today - Go get it!

Here's a preview!

Cover A
Cover B
Cover A: Dan Duncan.
Regular cover; distributed in a 4:1 ratio with cover B.

Cover B: Kevin Eastman.
Regular cover; distributed in a 1:4 ratio with cover A.

Cover C
Cover C: Mark Torres.
Retailer incentive cover; 1 copy sent to retailers for every 10 copies ordered.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

IDW Announces TMNT Color Classics Series

If you don't have enough copies of the original TMNT comic books yet, particularly issue #1, you're in luck. IDW has released their list of May solicitations, and among them is what they're calling TMNT Color Classics #1. This is Vol. 1 #1 of the original comics as a single "floppy" issue, and in brand new color.

The implication seems to be that IDW will be releasing all of the issues featured in the Ultimate Edition hardcovers as these color single issues.

And if your head is spinning trying to keep track of everything that IDW is up to, I've compiled a "cheat sheet" that can now be found at the "Comics" link at the top of the website.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 Cover Revealed

After a series of delays, the cover art for Vol. 2 of IDW's Ultimate Collection hardcover books, which reprint the original Eastman & Laird TMNT comics, has been revealed. Once again this is a brand new piece by Kevin Eastman, and if you line it up next to Vol. 1 you'll see it continues the collage of scenes and characters that was started with that volume.

The publication date for Vol. 2, which has been sliding back regularly, is currently listed on as being March 27, 2012. Pre-ordering right now via Amazon will save you 42% off the cover price!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sneak Peek of TMNT Shell Shock Ride

As has been announced, Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, will next month be opening a brand new thrill ride, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shell Shock. The ride is currently under construction and Ninja Pizza reader Sonia sent in some photos of of the progress.

Nickelodeon Universe and the Mall of America are planning a grand opening for the ride that is sure to be an amazing event fans won't want to miss! Stay tuned to Ninja Pizza for more details coming soon.

A couple shots of the ride from above. You can see the sewer entrance and the post that will eventually hold the ride itself.

The sewer entrance from ground level and the "Antonio's Pizza" logo on the opposite side of the sewer arch entrance (not an actual restaurant as I first thought).

Some close-ups of the interior of the sewer entrance.

Thanks for sending these in, Sonia!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Activision to Develop New TMNT Video Game Titles?

Among the new photos from Toy Fair posted yesterday by was the above photo of a sign hanging in the booth. This sign indicates that key licensees working with Nickelodeon on the TMNT property are IDW and Activision. IDW, of course, is publishing a slew of TMNT comic book titles, both new and old. Activision, however, has not officially been connected to the TMNT property.

While it is not a surprise to see Activision, who is partnered with Nickelodeon to turn many of their series into video games, connected to the TMNT, this is the first sign we've seen that something may already be in the works.

Ubisoft had previously held the TMNT license until losing it last June.

New TMNT Series Photos Emerge From Toy Fair yesterday uploaded more pictures from the TMNT booth at Toy Fair. This time the pictures weren't of the toys, but of the booth. And among those photos are some really amazing screen shots straight from the series itself! These pics provide a great feel for what the series will ultimately be like - Check out some of the highlights below, and catch the rest of them over on Facebook.

Jonathan Liebesman in Talks to Direct TMNT Movie

Variety reported late last night that "Battle: Los Angeles" director Jonathan Liebesman is in talks to direct the new TMNT movie from Paramount, which has been in development for over two years now.

Brad Fuller, producer on the film, has been dropping hints on Twitter that things are moving along with it and that he hopes to be making it by summer.

After several screenwriter changes, signs are pointing to this project finally becoming a reality!

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Photos & Info From Toy Fair

Iiiiiit's Toy Fair! After a couple weeks of exciting lead-up, Toy Fair officially started over the weekend and we've started to see some new pictures, and with them a few new details.

The first bit of business is a sign that is hanging in the Playmates display, which outlines Nickelodeon's goal for the TMNT over the next few years.

The picture is a bit blurry, so let's go through it together.

  • New episodes committed through 2015. (Woohoo!)
  • Fall 2012: North American debut (US & Canada)
  • 2013: International launches
  • Fall 2013: TV show stripped on Nickelodeon (i.e. it'll run at the same time every day, Monday - Friday)
  • Paramount live-action feature film in development

As it says at the top, Nickelodeon truly seems committed to making the TMNT, once again, into a huge TV series and consumer product powerhouse! Turtle Power, indeed!

Another photo shows a TV screen that seems to indicate Playmates/Nickelodeon is showing animation clips, as well as a "Sizzle" reel. Hopefully these will be released to the web soon!

Moving on to the actual exhibit display, here's a wide shot showing a bunch of the basic figures.

A lot of these figures we've already seen, but the exciting thing is that there are some new ones we haven't! And there are even more concept designs not yet created as prototypes.

A close-up look at the newly revealed prototypes:



And the figures still only in the concept stage, which are scheduled to be in stores in Spring 2013.


Baxter Stockman

Baxter Stockman is shown in the armor we saw him in in the animatic pilot shown at the Fan Preview Event last year.

Additional news that's been reported is that, apparently, only Toys R Us is currently committed to the Classics figures. They are trying to add more (that's part of the purpose of Toy Fair, after all), but if you don't have a TRU near you, you can also expect to find them at various e-tailers.

And, lastly, there is also a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figure planned, although it's not specified if it's for this year or next year. (Let's just assume for now that it's for this year, because that sounds like a pretty awesome way to kick off the TMNT hype.)

Hit up these links to see more great pics from Toy Fair:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Are Not "Sewer Heads" - A Note to Playmates and Nickelodeon

Last week when Playmates released their first peek at the 2012 TMNT toy lineup, there was also a series of short videos posted to featuring Karl Aaronian from Playmates talking about each of the different lines. In these videos, he drops in the term "Sewer Heads," referring to the long-time Turtles fans.

As press coverage of the new toys grows in the build-up to Toy Fair, this term has been showing up again. And it is because of this recurrence of the term that TMNT fans wish to declare to both Playmates and Nickelodeon:

We are not "Sewer Heads." Please stop calling us that.
It is dumb and rather insulting. Think about it.
Now, I realize that we don't have a "cool" name for our fandom to sound off in your interviews and press releases akin to "Trekkers," "Browncoats," "Whovians," or "X-Philes," etc. But the thing is, all of those names happened organically, by the fans. They weren't assigned by marketing departments. We officially reject this "title" that you've assigned us.

If you absolutely must use something in your marketing copy, we respectfully suggest you change it to the less insulting "Shell Heads." We are not declaring this as our title, and take no ownership of it. But it's better than the name you've given us.

Really, it's probably just best if we stay "Ninja Turtles Fans." After all, Lucasfilm and Hasbro seem to be doing pretty well selling their products to "Star Wars Fans."

TMNT fans, whatever they be called, are encouraged to have their voices heard on this matter. Please send Tweets to @PlaymatesToys and @TMNTMaster. You can also post on the Playmates Toys and Nickelodeon TMNT Facebook pages.

Maybe with some good ol' fashioned Turtle Power we can get use of "Sewer Heads" killed and buried before Toy Fair actually starts.

UPDATE! @TMNTMaster has assured us that we will no longer be called Sewer Heads! Your voices have been heard! Thanks for listening, Nickelodeon!

Monday, February 6, 2012

TMNT 2012 Toys - Playset, Vehicles & Roleplay

These pics have been around for a few days now, but after taking the weekend off I thought another peek at them would be a good way to start the new week.

The Secret Sewer Lair Playset is an impressive accessory for all those action figures. It stands 42" tall and includes features that include telescoping periscopes, a rope swing and swing-down ladders, zip lines, an elevator, Shredder statue, computer lab, doors that open and close, an ooze drain and more!

And some closer shots:

The main vehicle that will be featured in the series is the Shellraiser, the Turtles' converted rail car that travels through the subway and on the streets. Playmates claims it can hold up to eight of the basic action figures inside, with lots of buttons and doors to keep the ninja action going from the outside.

If you don't already have enough motorcycles to go with your TMNT figures, you'll have yet another opportunity with the Rippin' Rider. And Mikey gets another skateboard. The Sewer Spinnin' Skateboard is loaded with electronics that will have it doing 10+ tricks.

The Ninja Stealth Cycle is actually a pretty neat spin on the tired old use of motorcycles in TMNT toys and TV shows. This cycle transforms into a stealth mode that camouflages the rider from anyone who may be looking down from above.

And in case you don't have enough motorcycles yet, the bad guys get one, too. The Dragon Cycle will flip the rider up out of the seat.

Finally, for all the kids Nickelodeon hopes will be playing Ninja Turtles in the months and years to come, we have role play kits with bandanas, plastic weapons, and some plastic throwing disks.

Or, if you'd like a little more lightsaber in your ninja play, Leonardo's Stealth Sword lights up in a choice of three different colors.

These all look to be great toys for their target market; I continue to hope that the amazing promo pics of the basic Turtles released by Playmates last week don't turn out to be a lie for us adult collectors.