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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hey, Rosemary! What the hell have you been so busy with that you haven't been able to properly update the website? A good question. Let's make a list. 1) My job. Alas, a requirement. 2) Karate. 3) Sleeping. These three things leave me with not much free time for other hobbies, of which the website would be one. And some other hobbies have snuck into that time. One of those extra hobbies has been painting. I just completed a series of 12 paintings that will be on display and for sale at the San Diego Comic-Con Art Show! I am quite excited about this. Featured above are my two TMNT-themed paintings. I hope that if you are at Comic-Con, you will come check out the Art Show! Speaking of Comic-Con, I am on board my flight and about to depart! I will still be providing regular updates of everything TMNT at the show, including covering as many of the panels as I can. Thanks for following! Turtle Power!!

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