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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Tales of the TMNT" #62 Preview

Ryan Brown sent in this fantastic preview image from Tales of the TMNT #62, to be released later this month. I'm all overwhelmed by the adorableness of it all.

Pencils and colors: Fernando Leon Gonzalez, Inks: Ryan Brown

"Adventures in Bunnysitting" - Michelangelo's Utrom friend, Klag, asks the good-natured ninja to take care of his pet bunny while he's away. Unfortunately for Raphael and Mikey, Klag was unaware that the rabbit was a test subject for mutagenetic studies - and once the little critter gets agitated, things go from bad to worse - much, much worse! Based on a true story... well, kinda...

You can read one side of the true story over here.

And now for a public service announcement, because this seems like a good opportunity to give a spiel on something rather important to me.

Rabbits make for the MOST awesome house pets!

Note the special emphasis on "house." Rabbits have a reputation for being animals that you keep in a hutch in the backyard where they stand all day on a floor of wire, but there really is no good reason for this and if you bring the rabbit into the house to live with the family you will discover a companion pet as fantastic as any dog or cat. Like cats, rabbits can be litter box trained, making the stereotypical wire floor cages completely unnecessary.

Like cats and dogs, it is essential that rabbits be spayed/neutered to not only help control the pet population, but also to increase the animal's overall quality of life. And it is also extremely important to adopt a rabbit from a shelter or rescue organization rather than buy one from a breeder or pet store or a farmers' market or flea market or any other questionable place. For a bargain adoption fee you'll get an already fixed animal and you'll save a life rather than support the unethical selling of animals for profit.

When I was looking for a companion pet last year and my living situation didn't allow for a dog and allergies keep me away from cats, I learned about house rabbits and ended up adopting a rabbit from a local rescue organization. Owen was overlooked for a long time because of his "plain" looks, but now everyone who meets him falls in love because he's one of the sweetest, friendliest bunnies you'll find. He is totally and completely the bestest thing I could have brought into my home.

For more information on house rabbits, you can visit the House Rabbit Society at

There is also a good introduction to house rabbits video on YouTube:


  1. Ninja kick the damn rabbit!

    Sorry, SOMEONE had to say it! It might as well be me.


  2. Aw, now I miss my housebunny from when I was a kid. I raised show rabbits at the time, but Sweetheart didn't fit the "show-worthy" profile. But she was darling and too smart for her own good. I'd sit on the floor to watch tv with a little bowl of M&M's, and that rabbit would sneak up, snatch an M&M right from the bowl and run off before I could react. XD

    And don't get me started on oreos. She'd jump over the back of the couch for that treat!

    The problem, however, was that she just loved to chew on wires. She chewed through my keyboard's cord, my NES's cord, and at one point, she chewed through the microwave wire--while it was plugged in!!

    Man, watching this makes me want to have a housebunny again. ;3;

  3. -->> ..god i'm glad Owen isn't an alien test subject.