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Friday, September 11, 2009

Preview of Sideshow Collectibles' Donatello Comiquette

With Thursday night's weekly newsletter, Sideshow Collectibles revealed the preview for the upcoming Donatello comiquette statue, the first in what is sure to be a series of at least four statues.

As stated on the graphic, Donatello will go up for pre-order when the newsletter is released on September 17. If you're not already a subscriber to Sideshow's newsletter, you can easily do so on their Web site. And if you're not familiar with Sideshow and/or have never ordered from them before, I definitely recommend that you get your pre-order in ASAP once you can. Better safe than sorry, even if you have to cancel the pre-order for whatever reason before the item ships, which will be at least several months from now.


  1. -->> ..and he's gonna cost a million dollars !! !!

  2. I just made a stopmtion vid, that includes a tmnt segment. Im planning to make a tmnt stopmotion video, i think early next year. watch this vid, and give suggestions for the future ones. should i use the 80's toys, 2003 series, tmnt movie, etc. comment, rate, etc.

  3. oh and that comiquette looks cool, but their very expensive. ill stick with action figures.

    when are they gonna make figures based on the original 3 movies?!!!!!!!!!!!!! its the 25th anniversary, they shouldve been done and released this year.

  4. -->> djtitoflow , YOUR ANIMATIONS ARE REALLY CUTE !! !! !!

  5. thanks tOkKa!! glad you enjoyed the video. suscribe to my youtube channel and the blog to be informed of all new videos. once again thanks for the comment! TMNT rules!!