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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Turtles Forever" Theatrical Screenings CANCELED

Less than a week after the event appeared on the Fathom Events Web site, the "Turtles Forever" one-night-only screenings have all been canceled.

The following message was posted on today:

Unfortunately, 4Kids Entertainment and Mirage Studios were unable to reach an agreement with Fathom Entertainment to present the “Turtles Forever” special event.
We will keep our Turtles fan base informed as we work on a new distribution plan for this exciting project.
As always, we thank you for your support.
-4Kids Entertainment & Mirage Studios

While the event was still listed on the Fathom Events site this morning, it has since been revised and now simply states, "Due to unforseen circumstances this event will not be shown in theatres."

The message, which refers to being unable to reach an agreement with Fathom Entertainment, is quite curious, as one usually assumes those kinds of details are already in place before the event gets listed on the site.

Further details about why the event was canceled are scarce, although a 4Kids employee made this slightly cryptic comment on the Technodrome fan forum:

On the bright side - without going into details - if there is any possibility of seeing this anywhere else this year this is the way it has to be.

Lets hope 4Kids and Mirage have a kickass backup plan in mind, because missing out on the national exposure even a one-night-only event would give to the project for anything less than awesome would not only be a disappointment for fans, but a huge missed opportunity for the franchise as a whole.


  1. That's so disappointing! I was really excited about going.

  2. Ugh. I was so excited especially since it was going to actually screen in VT which I was surprised about. I even convinced my fiancee to go. Bummer.

  3. What a huge disappointment... I hope Mirage manages to find someone willing to release TF either in theaters or DVD (preferably both).

  4. Typical. I figured something was gonna get messed up because of the TMNT Kiddie stygmata. Either the company didn;t thought it would be worthy enough for a nationwide one-night screening (Anime gets the pass by because of the millions of otaku/potential customers) or maybe 4Kids wanted the premier all to the themselves so they can get higher ratings.