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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

TMNT Comics Go Digital With New App From IDW & comiXology

Yesterday, IDW launched a feature that has been often requested ever since they acquired the TMNT license last year: Digital downloads of TMNT comics!

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The TMNT comics downloads are available via comiXology through a choice of apps. On Android devices, including Amazon Kindle, the TMNT comics can be found using the comiXology app or the IDW-specific app. On iOS devices, in addition to being found on the comiXology and IDW-specific apps, there is also a TMNT Comics app.

Screen shot from inside the TMNT Comics iPad app.

Individual issues cost $1.99 and collected editions of four books cost $7.99. So far all of the issues that have been released as monthly books are available: The ongoing TMNT series, the Micro-Series books, the two INFESTATION 2: TMNT books, and TMNT Color Classics.

There are currently three issues available for free download: IDW TMNT #1, Micro-Series #3: Donatello, and INFESTATION 2: TMNT #1. Using the app requires having a comiXology account. All of your purchases are kept track of both by iTunes (for iOS) and by comiXology, so you can restore your purchases anytime you might need to. The first time you read an issue it downloads to your device, where it is then stored for future reading.

However, it should be noted that according to the comiXology Terms of Service, you are simply purchasing a license to read the comic. They are not claiming to be selling you actual digital copies of the comics, making it illegal to backup your purchases. Technicalities such as this makes it extremely difficult for me to convince myself to invest in comics that I could potentially lose access to at some point in the future. Especially in the case of TMNT comics where I've already purchased one or more copies of the physical books.

That said, the reading experience is quite pleasant, and this is an especially convenient way to keep up on the new issues. Especially if you have trouble getting them from a comic shop each month, or you don't have a local comic shop.


  1. I'm curious. Micro Series issue #5 just came out today at $3.99. Is this $1.99 price tag of everything prior just a teaser? If so, my interest in buying the digital copy really drops.

  2. Interesting. I'm not sure what the situation is, but I agree that digital comics for the same price as the printed versions is absolutely appalling. Hmm.

  3. is this app avaible for ipod touch?