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Friday, June 15, 2012

New "Ninja Turtles" Movie Cancelled?

An annonymous e-mailer has written in stating that the new TMNT movie that was to film in Vancouver this summer/fall for a Christmas 2013 release has, apparently, been shut down.

The e-mailer, who works in the Vancouver film industry, states that this went down suddenly just yesterday, apparently due to the massive amounts of negative backlash that followed Michael Bay's revelation that the story was to be spaced-based and that the Turtles would now be aliens.

However, although the current production has been halted, there will likely be (yet) another script written for an eventual movie. Maybe...

Ain't It Cool is also now reporting this news.


  1. At this point, our best case scenario is that they let the turtles join the Avengers and we give Joss Whedon a crack at them.

    What a mess.

  2. I would not be opposed to Joss Whedon taking a stab at this franchise. He has proven himself to be more then capable of putting out great work.

  3. Although Avengers was a commercial success. Like all other Marvel movies it lacks depth and I would not want the Turtles to be treated the same way.

    I work in the industry myself and I have not heard any word that the movie is scrapped. Then again, everyone is just talking about the new Turtles film being shot in Vancouver but we don't have anything on paper yet.

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  5. Can't say I'm that surprised. Reminds me of when the internet went crazy over Wonder Woman's costume, and that got cancelled. Hopefully it will be in better hands if they decide to give someone else a shot.

  6. Well I'm not really dissapointed, I'd rather them make the movie right with more time than ruin the movie with the alien idea. I know Bay was only producing it but man I'm no Transformers fan but I hear he destroyed that franchise from what I hear from die hard Transformer fans.

    I'd love to see a Ninja Turtles live action movie still, maybe they could make a movie based off the new story from the current ongoing comic series? The Turtles re-incarnated, Old Hobb, and all, maybe not exactly as the comics are but take parts and alter them much like the original movie from 1990

  7. I'm glad they shut it down for now. They SERIOUSLY need to fix it and fix their origins back to the way it was and the way it should be - as mutant ninja turtles. NOT alien turtles because that's just plain stupid. Eventually by the time if it ever gets released, again, they had better damn well keep true to their origins with respect.