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Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Trailer For New TMNT TV Series Now Online

The first trailer for the new TMNT series is online! Check it out above, over on, or share it with your friends over on Facebook.

In the trailer we can hear the voices of the four Turtles and can get a better feel for what the animation style is going to be. You can also hear a hint at what might be the theme song, which sounds like a remix of the infamous theme song from the original TMNT cartoon. At the end, the URL is shown on screen, although that site doesn't seem to be live at the moment.

This is likely the beginning of a publicity force that will be launched in full at Comic-Con in a couple weeks. There should be a lot more goodies in the upcoming months!


  1. So I just watched Nick's teaser TMNT trailer and... here are
    my "Hate" and "Don't hate so much" lists.

    The things I hated of that sneak peek:

    -The Lego-boxie-whatever new design for the turtles.

    -Leo and Don's voices.

    -Raph's green eyes. (They should've been amber.)

    -Don's tooth gap and anorexic look.

    -Short-ass bandannas.

    -Stupid and new battlecry (Yep, no Cowabunga
    anymore apparently.)

    The things I didn't hate so much of
    that sneak peek:

    -Music. (Original theme with slight modifications to make it
    sound more 21st-like century.)

    -Mikey is still the comedy relief and still loves pizza. And
    even with his tiny bandanna, he looks undeniably cute.

    -Raph is still picking on Michelangelo and his temper is just
    the same. (WE LOVE HOTHEADS!)

    -Leo still looks and acts like a leader. (D'awww~ <3)

    -Don is still a genius. (WE LOVE GEEKS!)

    -Back story of their origins is still intact.

    And most importantly, they are still:





    With all that said, I can't say this reboot will suck. In fact,
    I'm eager to see more. It really caught my attention but
    the fact that they killed "Cowabunga" is what irks me
    for now... oh and the things I already mentioned in the
    "Hate" list.
    That's it, folks! I'm outta here!

    PEACE OUT!... or like new Mikey would say:


    Ps: Yes, Booyahkasha is Peace out in Jamaican... does that make
    sense for a battlecry?
    Personally, I DON'T THINK SO!

  2. It's too bad you hated Don's voice. If you were at all a fan of the original series you would appreciate it more, as Rob Paulsen, the voice of the original Raphael, is the voice for Donatello.