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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Turtles Forever" to Air on CW4Kids Nov. 21 - ONE TIME ONLY!

A representative for 4Kids has announced over at (and on that "Turtles Forever" will air on CW4Kids, for one time only, on November 21.

Surely, any future viewing would have to be on DVD. And as we have no idea what the status for a DVD release is, this is something you most definitely do not want to miss!

So be sure to check your local listings and tune in November 21!


  1. ::sigh:: Well, I don't have TV. That is, I don't have cable, and I don't have an HD tuner because I can watch everything I want online, or through streaming Netflix on my blu-ray. Guess I'll have to depend on torrents to get my own copy..... I'm just so glad I've already seen it!

  2. LOL. Well, sorry Mikey, but I can't feel sorry for you for not having TV. I watch most of my TV through other services, too, but I still have it. ^_^

    Digital tuner boxes are cheap, and you should be able to at least watch local TV for emergency situations anyways.

  3. One time deal huh? Well im excited to have a date and time now and finally be able to catch this, although it would have been SO great to see it on the big screen.

  4. I am not in the usa so i hope some one can up load it on you tube.

  5. I'm sure someone can upload it to YouTube... *looks up pitifully at the admin of Ninja Pizza* plz can you record the movie 83???