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Saturday, November 14, 2009

New "Turtles Forever" Commercial

This commercial aired during Smallville on the CW tonight:

Thanks to Turo602 for the heads-up that allowed me to record it!


  1. .... Oh god. is 80s Raphael in Turtles Forever voiced by... Jason Griffith?! I recognize that tone when he mentioned pizzas.

    Gosh I really hope he's not voicing Raph, considering how much I loved the original. D:

  2. Nah, Jason's voicing Mirage Leo. Sebastian Arcelus, AKA Yoh from Shaman King, is playing '87 Raph.

  3. Well, that's better than Griffith. *has nerdy bias against Jason Griffith*

  4. I saw it last night too!! a bunch of my high school friends were over today and I showed it to them, none are big TMNT fans, but they all got a kick out of the commercial. really cool. cant wait for this! so many different turtles together. so much nostalgia!!

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