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Monday, November 16, 2009

"Turtles Forever" Animatics

These little previews of "Turtles Forever" also went up on today:

Animatic Preview: First five minutes of the movie in animatic form.

1988 Shredder Animatic: Introduction of 1988 version of Shredder.

Hun Animatic: Hun prepares to attack.


  1. -->> Rose, why the heck is this stuff always easier to watch on your site than on the 4kids site ( serious .. no matter my connection !! !! ) ?!

    and can i please, like right now make a graphic imapge for you to use on your banner where it sez in the Header "Ninja Pizza | A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) News Blog " -

    ugh .. it's drivin' me nuts !! !!

    Makes it look like your blog was designed by James Cameron .. !!


  2. I told you a long time ago you could make something, you just never did. :)

    Really, I don't mean for this site to look so generic, but changing it would just require... effort. :p

    And I hate the 4Kids site, too. Hate, hate, hate!

  3. -->> ..yeh i kept puttin it off, i'll go ahead and do a quick graphic or sumin' and you can edit it to fit your needs.

    It's at least a start and makes it look better than the generic James Cameron template. Or at least more interesting.

    I like the 4kids site , particularly the character designs and papercrafts ..

    it's just the video, man .. i willspend hours wrestling with it.

    So maddening !! UGH god ~~!!

    I dunno why that is.

    The games work ok, tho'.. for the most part.

    Let me see what i can scribble up .. -

  4. Oh, yeah. The stuff they put on the 4Kids site can be pretty awesome, I just hate the actual site design or whatever you want to call it. All the fancy stuff that makes navigating it a pain in the butt.

  5. -->> They incorporate a TON of flash all over the place. I've seen worse site design ( and i am one to talk ) ..

    but yeh man .. it's like 50/50 .. no 40/60 i get to see the vids cuz it's so bogged down.


    Throwin' together some images for you to work with right now.

    Avoiding using actual TMNT characters like i recall you requesting, and using images..simple ones that imply TMNT but are not the actual Turtles themselves.

    for instance.. there i a little Turtle in one of the images i am making that is encountering some Ooze.. but the canister is cut off at "T.C. - " so -- one quick example.

    I'll throw some quick Text together for you , but i want to avoid the classic "Chlorinar" .. or whatever the hell that old TMNT toon font is called.

    That's too easy to use, i'd rather not. Unless you want me too.

    I'd rather use a fun 'Ninja' sushi font or something. Or like the Usagi Font.. but well ultimately it'll be up to you whatcha want !!

  6. -->> Hm, or maybe i'll just hand-draw ..err- make the text by hand. -

  7. Definitely don't want Chlorinar. Why don't you send me a version without any text, and then a couple samples using different fonts. That's always something that can be changed around, anyways.

  8. -->> K' .. well i'll send the images first. Ah hell i'll throw em on my flickR ..-er i guess

    .. the "PIZZA" is drying now .. ( bit hand painted )..op .. done - - !!

  9. -->> Gimme a bit , my scanner is being a b6tch
    .. >;{

  10. -->> Um, crap .. ok let me throw the images at least.. // the drawings on wings my flickR just to get that out of the way and show ya real fast, then i'll work with some of the text i made and such with em. I guess..


  11. >

    -->>'s that.

    Now i'll work with that and the text ..

  12. -->> ..workin it now, Sorry my machine crashed . took two hours to fix >:(