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Sunday, July 12, 2009

New TMNT Electric Zombie Clothing

Electric Zombie clothing has released a new line of TMNT-inspired T-shirts.

The T-shirts feature original designs that harken toward everyone's love of zombies.

The available styles are:
Rocker Olive Green (Rocksteady - pictured above)
Bopper Purple (Bebop)
Don of the Dead Black (Donatello and Krang)
Shock Wave Orange Metalhead
Shred Head White (Shredder)
Bug Eyes Gold (Baxter Stockman)
Mondo Teal (Mondo Gecko)

There is also a (not-so-original) poster.

Most of these styles are super-limited, so get them NOW if you want them!

Thanks to @CoreyMadVillain on Twitter for finding this!


  1. Holy crap, those are so awesome.

    I want that Shredder one so bad. I got nothing in my Paypal account though.


  2. Oh my god, a merge of two of my all-time favorite things: Ninja Turtles and horror! At the very least, I must have that poster. I want the Don/Krang one. My only question is, why is Don the only one of the Turtles to show up on these shirts?

  3. Wooooow!!!
    very great
    Tshirt...Sure if I buy 5

  4. Ha ha, that poster is grifted from Pat Lee art.
    But since Pat Lee grifted his employees when Dreamwave was still active, I guess it's fair.


  5. -->> SHREDDER is divine.

    This time he really is a ' SHREDDER ' !!