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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chrome Fugitoid Figure Available For Pre-Order

This showed up on Entertainment Earth a few days ago, but was then quickly taken down. Well, it's back - Chrome Fugitoid! Better get your pre-orders in now, as this is destined to ultimately be one of those ultra-rare figures. How else will it be available? No idea! Retailers that carry Playmates' TMNT figures are dropping like flies (Target recently dropped them, seeming to leave only Toys R Us left), so it's not going to be on a store shelf (or peg) near you. This could very well be the last TMNT action figure until they no doubt release movie tie-ins in 2011. Am I sad about that? No, I'm laughing because the fans that Playmates was pointing and laughing at were right and they were wrong. Too bad for them.

But if you dig Chrome Fugitoid, best get your order in now.

Link was found on Twitter via @geekgirldiva - Thanks!