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Friday, July 31, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: "Turtles Forever" Complete Audio!

Last Friday, July 24, 2009, Mirage Studios hosted a TMNT 25th Anniversary "Galabunga" party as part of San Diego Comic-Con, where, after pizza, cake, and prizes, fans were treated to the premiere screening of "Turtles Forever," a special animated adventure that saw the Turtles of the 4Kids series crossing into the multiverse of the original TMNT cartoon.

Shortly before the show started I realized that I had my audio recorder still with me, after utilizing it earlier in the day at the Con. I decided to take a chance and flip it on to see if the audio from the show would come out. I finally got around to checking the audio tonight, and what do you know, it actually turned out really good!

Here are all the disclaimers I present with the offering of this audio:
  1. This audio is my own personal recording.
  2. At no point during the night were we told, either in spoken word or print, that recording was not allowed.
  3. As of right now there is no distribution deal for the release of "Turtles Forever" on DVD. This is surely forthcoming, but it can't hurt to raise enthusiasm for the project for potential distributors to see (and hear, in the case of the crowd reaction).
  4. If at any point it is requested by Mirage Studios and/or 4Kids Entertainment for the file to be removed from this site, it shall be.
Further notes about the audio:
  • This was recorded among a very lively crowd, so there is a lot of crowd noise that sometimes blocks out the audio from the movie.
  • The volume in the room was very loud and my recording device is very basic (and as it was, I hit record as a crap-shoot to see if the audio came out at all), so there is a bit of distortion during the louder parts.
With all that said, you can download the audio here. Downloads are limited, so please comment if it needs to be re-uploaded.


  1. I'm a little sad the 80s cast wasn't brought back, but either way this sounds AWESOME. I can't wait to actually see it!

  2. Could you please make a script about what the characters say?. Just to have clear some parts of the audio. I hope you can.

  3. Sorry, that is something I most definitely do not have the time (nor real desire) to do.


    I'm only a fan of the original cartoon/movies and to be honest this sort of bothered me. I mean..I'll still watch it and I'm sure it'll be fun but they basically make the original TMNT series seem like nothing throughout the movie. NO ONE likes the '87 turtles. Not even 2003 Michelangelo. Shredder and Krang come off as an old married couple who are simply a fly compared to '03 Shredder. It's sort of sad/annoying. '87 TMNT is just trying to have some fun, the other guys come off as pricks. Lighten up a bit, you know? You're still a cartoon with goofy jokes too.

  5. I use that trick all the time. IT's how I get a Kate Mulgrew Star Trek convention appearance recorded, among one or two other things :). Only reason they don't want those recorded is they tell the same stories over and over again :).

    I only listened to the first 17 minutes. Krang is the best replacement voice so far from audio quality. Not listening to the rest untill the DVD comes out.

  6. I think it might need re-uploaded.

    I downloaded it fine (on my second try) but a friend of mine has tried to download it three times now. And it does the same thing to her that it did to me the first time - just cuts off downloading.