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Monday, November 17, 2008

UK Michaelangelo Cookie Jar

Hero wrote in with some neato pics:

So I was digging through my boxes of stored stuff in the attic yesterday. These are like boxes of things I have not opened in years and forgot about during my multiple house moves.

I came across my old Michaelangelo ceramic cookie jar. This is something my mom bought for me back in 1991 at a seaside gift-shop in a place called Weston Super Mare. I think at the time this was around £5 and of course there was a colour of each turtle respectively.

I figured I’d take out this find and immortalise it further in cyberspace in victory of all the house-moving it has survived. I am certain this was a UK only item and has a Hero Turtle like feel to it.



Have a special TMNT item that you'd like to share? E-mail me your story and pics!


  1. Oh, no! I have -in my opinion- somes special TMNT items in venezuela.
    Here in the UK i do not have many tmnt things -besides neca figures and some comics-.
    I just re-sent u an e-mail with some pics of venezuelan items related to the tmnt film. I sent it long time ago but i am not sure if u got it back there.
    I think i have a pic of an old album released in venezuela based on the old cartoon.

  2. Once I get my scanner replaced, I have some old UK comic scan stuff to go through.