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Monday, November 17, 2008

Michael Turney Autograph

This showed up in my mailbox today:


This is the storybook based on the first TMNT movie (an item I read a billion times during the long months between the theatrical release of the movie and the VHS release). The title page is signed to me by Michael Turney, who played Danny Pennington in the movie.

Thanks, Michael!


  1. Wow! Tha's really sweet of mr.Turney!
    It's cool that he has fond memories of the making of the movie.
    Gee, I wonder what he's doing these days...

    Anyway... Congrats, Rosey!

  2. -->> ..he's behind the camera nowadays, Cliff.

  3. Aha! So he's still in the industry, that's cool!
    Thanks for the reply, Tokka! ;)

  4. How did you get in touch with him? I'd love to meet him before i die. Cool autograph!