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Thursday, November 20, 2008

"TMNT" in Argentina

Nacho sent in a bunch of pics showing some of the goodies theaters had when TMNT was released last year.

A special promotion at the cinemas in Venezuela: pop corn tub, drink cup and stickers decorated with the TMNT.

With this "combo" people received a ticket to win TMNT action figures.





  1. -->>
    ..oh, Nacho que es tan divertido !!

    Me encantan los chiles calientes en mi palomitas de maĆ­z ~ !!


  2. that's bad our theaters are lame lol...

  3. Yeah, tokka, chile caliente on pop corn is better than butter!

    b-craven, i was surprised we had that kind of promotion with the tmnt film, i do not remember seen something like that with the old films.

    Thanks for posting the pics, roseangelo!

  4. Not sure why i didn´t mention this before, but it is not argentina, it is venezuela. ;)