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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TMNT Movie Mistakes

This isn't a new video, but I thought it'd be a good supplement to the TMNT Special Edition DVD effort.

All movies are full of little mistakes that their makers hope the movie viewers won't spot, but if you watch something enough times and pay close enough attention, something's bound to stand out as not quite right. My long-time pal and fellow TMNT fan Karen put this video together last year in the wake of the excitement over the release of the 2007 CGI movie.

With well over 600,00 views, it has become one of the most-viewed TMNT videos on YouTube and spent a weekend as one of's top videos. While the video may highlight the mistakes in the film, I believe its popularity is a reflection of the general overall continued popularity of the movie. Surely enough popularity to warrant a Special Edition DVD release.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, thanks Rose!
    I hadn't seen that compilation before! :)

    In fact I hadn't noticed the majority of those mistakes...

    For example...
    That mistake in the Splinter VS Shredder scene in which you can see the edge of the skyline background...
    I've always figured that was an overhanging ventilation pipe of the building or something...
    Shows what I know... ;)