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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Time For a TMNT 1 Special Edition

Fans have made half-hazard efforts to get New Line Cinema (and now, Warner Brothers) to release a special edition of, at least, the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film - if not all three - for many years. The response has consistently been, "We are not interested in that project."

Today, Steve Murphy of Mirage Studios posted the following, a quote of an email sent by Steve Barron, director of the first TMNT film, to a Warner Brothers representative:

"...there has been quite a lot of blogging about a director's special edition of the first movie, particularly in the light of its impending 25th anniversary. I would be very keen to contribute to this idea if you thought it a good one. I have lots of original artwork and even a rough cut with a few extra scenes on tape. I think it would be nice to do a definitive release as the extras have always been very limited."

This is not the first time Barron has made such a comment. In fact, a very similar comment was quoted in a Peter Laird, "Blast From the Past" Web site feature back in late 2001.

With this new spark of inspiration from Murphy and Mr. Barron collectively, perhaps it's time to take the effort to make this project happen seriously. Next year is the 25th anniversary celebration of the TMNT - What better way to celebrate than with a special edition of one of the greatest highlights of that 25 year history? Emails from the same handful of fanboys/fangirls to Warner Brothers aren't going to convince them to change their minds about this project. It's time to get bigger and more visual.

Watch this space for more information coming soon.

If you have graphic design skills or video editing skills, please email me if you're willing to provide hands-on help with this effort.


  1. Hello Rose! really off topic...

    Recently, your Flicker account has been my main source of info for TMNT collecting; since I just purchased two comics with turtles appearances which do not seem to be in your collection, I figured you'd like to have this info. Here it goes:

    - Shattered Image n°2, sept.'96; the four turtles have a cameo on page 6. A really badly written "mega x-over" which serves as en excuse to "explain" the removal of Top Cow's characters from the Image Universe. I guess the turtles presence serves, just as in Gen 13 n°13b, as a form of viral marketing in order to introduce them to Image readers.

    - The Savage Dragon n°41; cameos on pages 20 (a turtle leg), 22 (Leo) & 24-25 (the four turtles, vol.3 style). The classic "Let's have a superhero wedding!" excuse to put in a lot of eclectic characters in useless cameos... On the plus side, the boys in green have an occasion to socialize once again with old friends : Dragon, Destroyer Duck, Flaming Carrot, Cerebus... Kind of funny, and Larsen starts (at last) to take himself less seriously.

    That's all for today! Cheers!

  2. I hope they release a special edition of the movies. That would be GREAT!