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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Comic-Con Interview with Kevin Eastman

"The Stack" talked to TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman at last month's Comic-Con in San Diego about both Turtles and Heavy Metal.


  1. I finally got to meet him this weekend in Toronto. It was totally cool. I had him sign some books on Saturday, then on Sunday he was sitting at his table sketching by himself and he recognized me, so we chatted a bit while I watched him draw a Wolverine (which he promptly discarded in shame after finishing). Good times.

    I get the feeling from this interview, though, that he's taking some credit for what's been happening with the Turtles. It's not a secret that he's signed off on them, but he's not really correcting people who assume otherwise.


  2. Oh, how great that you got to finally meet him! I think I had assumed that you already had.

    My interpretation of the video is a bit different, because I don't think Kevin's split from the TMNT is as well-known as we might assume. I think most casual fans would be clueless to that development and it's probably a lot easier for Kevin to go with the flow rather than correct every single person who even asks him a question about the TMNT.

    Also, even though Kevin is officially out of the picture, I don't think we can immediately rule out that he's not unofficially involved somehow. Last year's movie would not have been made at all if it weren't for Kevin, plain and simple.

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  4. (really wish you could just edit posts. freakin blogger)

    Oh man, I totally got to meet him for the first time at that very booth at comicon. Rose - what you said about people not knowing about Kevin's split is probably very true. Hell, I couldn't believe how few people there even caught on that by "Kevin Eastman" I meant "co-creator of the Ninja Turtles", and this is freakin comicon. TMNT has got to be one of the least understood popular franchises in the world.

    But regardless of his current affiliations (or lack there of) with the franchise, there's no question the guy loves the Turtles. He was perfectly happy to draw Donatello for me (for free! Take THAT commisions booths), and he was really open about discussing them.