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Thursday, April 24, 2008

NECA Figures Unboxed!

Yesterday I finally received the phone call I've been waiting for - My comic shop had received the case of TMNT NECA action figures I had ordered through them! A whole case! MINE!!!

But alas, I'm not keeping the whole case. That's a bit excessive even for me (not to say that it isn't tempting!). After some time with a box cutter, I had myself four Turtles.

If you aren't lucky enough to have your comic shop deliver these fantastic figures virtually to your door, they are now being spotted in several retail stores. Suncoast is one store where they've been seen, but due to the closure of many Suncoast stores in recent years, you may have better luck looking for a Hot Topic, where they've also been seen. And if all else fails, they're now available on Hot Topic's Web site, here.


  1. Aren't these the best figures ever? I bought a boxed set (no accessories) and opened it, since I spotted a Leo with brown splotches on his arm. I've got four individual ones that I'm keeping unopened because their paint jobs look a lot better than the boxed ones.

    Oh, and my Mikey is posed exactly like yours. :)

  2. I think the articulation is what really makes these figures winners. If they only had the basic points of articulation they'd still look great, but they'd only have those basic and standard action figure poses. To get to play with them and figure out which ninja pose to put them in? Priceless!

    From my box I'm only keeping the four that I opened and one extra Mike that I'm keeping sealed. I'll probably bring that one to Comic-Con and get Kevin to sign it.

    I'm also considering getting Mike in the cylinder packaging (it's pretty...) and the box set (also pretty).

    I've also found the paint to be hit or miss on these. I'm happy with the ones I opened (although Leo's eyes are slightly "goth"), but none of them seemed to have that "perfect" paint job.

  3. If you still have a set of four you're looking to sell, I haven't bought any yet. BTW, any idea when or where the b&w figs will be available?

  4. Everything I have is spoken for, but I'm going Don and Raph hunting for Jester this weekend. I can look for a full set for you if you're interested.

    No clue on the B&W figures. I think I'm gonna be passing on all of those.