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Friday, April 25, 2008

25th Anniversary "Shell-abration" Plans Teased

Murphy has posted the 25th anniversary logo (left) and a link to a brief article outlining Mirage's relationship with Peppercom, the PR agency that will be in charge of next year's 25th anniversary activities.

While no specific details are given, some basic ideas are alluded to.
  • TMNT will have a significant presence at Toy Fair and Comic-Con (I'm assuming San Diego).
  • In some fashion, the Turtles will "tour" the US.
  • The campaign will focus on both old fans and new fans.
Murphy has previously announced at The 5th Turtle that as part of the 25th anniversary celebration, Mirage will publish a trade paperback of the first run of Volume 1 comics ("remastered" versions), a "very special" expanded reprint of TMNT #1, and the long-awaiting final tale of the TMNT Adventures universe, The Forever War.

The TMNT made their comic book debut on May 5, 1984, which is the date used to mark their official anniversary.

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