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Friday, July 17, 2009

Eastman & Laird Reunited!!!!

Yes, the headline is true! You might have thought it would take hell freezing over for the two co-creators of the TMNT to get over their apparent irreconcilable differences and collaborate artistically once again. But no, it didn't take that, it took a much more unfortunate reason. You see, my pal and occasional TMNT writer Jake Black has the Big C. Yeah, that's right: Cancer. The good news for Jake is that the specific type of cancer he has is Hodgkins Lymphoma, which has an extremely high cure rate. The bad news is that being extremely treatable doesn't make the treatments any less sucky and it doesn't make medical bills any less expensive. He's already won a battle with his insurance company to get them to cover his treatments, but you know they're not covering anything. And on top of that he's still got a wonderful family to support, which isn't as easy to do when you're sick and can't work as much as you're used to.

That brings us back to the headline. Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird have collaborated to create a commemorative art print, the sales of which will go to Jake's medical bills! I'm pretty sure that Kevin and Peter haven't collaborated in this form since the mid-90s and, honestly, the chances of this happening ever again are rare at best. What does that mean? It means you need to get yourself one of these!!

How do you get one? For now, you have to be attending San Diego Comic-Con next week. They will be for sale at the Mirage tables in Artists' Alley for the (extremely reasonable) price of $25. The edition sold at Comic-Con is limited to 100 pieces, but if you miss out or can't make the Con, don't fret too hard, it sounds like a non-Comic-Con edition of the print will eventually become available. Jake reports that there are also plans to put the image on T-shirts and posters.

The current Mirage crew collaborated on a print, also for Jake's benefit, that was first sold at a Free Comic Book Day event back in May. This print will also be available at Comic-Con next week for $20.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Original Archie Mini-Series TPB Announced

Toy News International is reporting tonight on a new trade paperback that will collect the three issues that comprised the original TMNT comic book mini-series from Archie comics.

The trade, featuring early Turtles work by TMNT master artist Michael Dooney, also features a brand new cover by Dooney. And, most impressively, the interior will be published in full color! Look for it at your local comic shop around May 13. Or - best news in a long time - pre-order it now on!!


Thanks to Ectocooler for finding the link at TNI!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

TMNT at the Dollar Store

It's been a long while since I've found any TMNT goodies at the dollar store, not to mention something actually worth purchasing. So imagine my surprise today as I'm wandering through and find a stack of these 2K3 kids' plates featuring the fantastic artwork of the one and only Michael Dooney.

I snatched up two. :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Michael Dooney Lunchbox

If I tried to tell you that I didn't collect lunch boxes it would only take one quick walkthrough of my apartment to call me a liar. Scattered around you'll find not only the occasional TMNT lunch box, but also Star Wars and Hello Kitty. But really, I'm not a lunch box collector.

I am, however, a collector of "neat stuff," and over the years I have acquired a pile of lunch boxes that I've determined to fall into this category. All of the TMNT lunch boxes I've made a point of getting have one thing in common: Fantastic art. And, to my knowledge, art that is completely unique to them.

Pictured above is a recent eBay acquisition; a lunch box featuring art by Michael Dooney. I also love this one because the lunch box style is so unique and not your standard box design. The other TMNT lunch boxes I have that I'm incredibly fond of feature art by Chris Allen and A.C. Farley. Perhaps I'll feature those in the future.