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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Opening Day of "TMNT: Secrets of the Sewers" at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

This past Saturday, Sept. 26, the brand new TMNT: Secrets of the Sewers exhibit at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis opened to the public. While I was not able to attend personally. fellow TMNT fan Steven Robert Murphy was able to go check it out and send in this report. Then click through to Facebook to see some fantastic pictures of the exhibit!

TMNT: Secrets of the Sewers will be open through April 10, 2016. If you're in or near Indianapolis, you'll definitely want to check it out!

"Turtles Count it Off"

Indianapolis has turned green... with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The first thing you will see and hear when you visit the Children's Museum is the fab four with a mixture of songs that Turtle fans know and love. Ranging from "Awesome (You Are My Hero)" by Ya Kid K, "Shredder's Suite" from John Du Prez, even "Coming Out of Our Shells," and so much more! Kids were so hyped and I was getting hyped too!

I attended with my girlfriend and we met up with fellow fan, Michele Ivey. It was great to have a Turtle conversation with someone who has the same interest as you. Anyways, they announced on the intercom many times for all to shout "Booyakasha!" or the arrival of two of the Turtles to get a meet and greet opportunity for pictures.

Entering the exhibit was a blast of everything Turtle related. As soon as you walk in you notice many things that made the TMNT who they are now. A picture of issue 1 done by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird with some information about it and a display of comics. Next to the comic area was labeled "Cartoon," "Movie," and "World." Displaying stuff from that era from toys to VHS/laserdisc and trading cards. Walking more inside you would find a movie suit of Raphael. It looked like it came from the 3rd movie with heavy, heavy modifications due to the wear/tear it had during production, but a pleasant thing to see.

Now the fun part! So much adventures of many puzzles, games, mazes, and just having a shell of a time! The room literally looked like it came straight from the Nick cartoon. There was a woman dressed as April O' Neil (reporter 80's toon), and even the cheese phone!

Overall, I highly recommend that you should go to this. Take a load off of having fun and enjoy everything Turtle related that you love and adore!


  1. This might sound like an odd question - but since it's a children's' museum, do you have to have kids with you?

  2. No, definitely not! Steven and his girlfriend attended together with no kids. Go for it!