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Friday, February 22, 2013

Michael Bay Casts Megan Fox in "Ninja Turtles"

With filming for next year's Ninja Turtles film apparently ready to begin in April, it's about time for us to start hearing casting news. Michael Bay himself has created a bit of a stir with a brief statement on his official website.
TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family!
Despite getting fired from the Transformers series between Transformers 2 and Transformers 3, it would seem that Bay has decided to give Fox another chance to be in one of his films. Of course, as of right now there is no official confirmation via Paramount, so we can only speculate as to what role she might be playing. But the obvious role in a TMNT story would be April O'Neil. It shouldn't be too long before we get confirmation on this and other casting decisions.

UPDATE: Numerous sources are now confirming that Fox will be playing April O'Neil in the upcoming movie.


  1. In the immortal words of Darth Vader: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

  2. Whaaaat? This doesn't make any sense. I thought these two had like a major falling out during the shooting of Transformers 2 which is why Bay had her dropped from the third film and they vowed never to work with each other again?

  3. Oh god no!!!!!!!!

    I was joking around when I said Fox would play April a while back........................

    God it starts, Transformer fans, I am prepared to feel your pain..........

  4. i will reserve my judgement until after seeing the film. but i don't think casting fox is anywhere near what counts as a good idea.

  5. Ekkk, that is a terrible idea. Luckily she is a marginally better actor than Kristen Stewart but I still don't like watching her "act".

  6. If Shia LaBeouf ends up as Casey Jones... My dislike for Michael Bay would remain the same, cause I can't dislike that guy anymore than I do now.

    And this piece of news demonstrates how little integrity the Fantastic Megan Fox has.