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Monday, August 27, 2012

Complete Original TMNT Cartoon Series on DVD November 13

Season 10 just came out a couple weeks ago, but if you've been slacking on picking up Lionsgate's releases of the original TMNT cartoon series, you'll probably be interested in the special complete series package planned for November 13, pictured above.

As announced on TV Shows on DVD, the 23-DVD set comes with a plastic Turtle Van storage case. It is priced at a quite reasonable $99.99, although it'll probably be available for less through discount retailers.

The pictured box states that there are over 3 hours of bonus features, however, at the moment no information is available on whether the content of the discs is identical to what has already been included on the existing releases, or if new content is planned.

1 comment:

  1. Since we've now released all the 80s seasons twice, can we PLEASE get a freaking decent release of the 2k3 show? It doesn't even have to be in a fancy Battle Shell box, y'all, I will take a freaking paper bag at this point...