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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mirage Studios Artists to Appear at Shellback Artworks August 11

Steve Lavigne's Shellback Artworks shop will be hosting an appearance and signing with many of the old Mirage Studios crew on August 11. Scheduled to appear are TMNT co-creator Peter Laird, Jim Lawson, and Dan Berger. Michael Dooney may also be present, although he is not currently confirmed.

The event is scheduled from 11am-4pm.

Shellback Artworks
1509 Post Rd.
Wells, ME 04090
(207) 251-4340

Most of these artists have not been making convention appearances recently, so this is an excellent opportunity to visit and maybe pick up some art!


  1. If there are any CGC witnesses that are attending...PLEASE email me

    1. CGC? I'll be there. I go to Shellback at least once a month. If you're a TMNT fan you'll love it. Lots of cool mirage art in the gallery, art supplies, comics, and loads of TMNT stuff from every era.