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Monday, July 9, 2012

New TMNT Nickelodeon Toys Appearing in Stores

Despite original reports that the new TMNT action figures would begin appearing in stores in August, some stores have already received their shipments and are selling the new line.

Early reports had the toys appearing in some Toys R Us stores. These sightings have included the action figures, vehicles, and role play toys.

Target stores have also begun receiving their shipments, although these haven't yet been placed in the aisles. A savvy member on the Technodrome forums was able to provide the DPCI number, which can be used to check stock of an item online and in stores.

The DPCI number of the basic action figures is 087-06-0494. Click here to check stock at your local Target store. If your store has the figures in stock, you will have to go there and find an employee to help you get the figures from the back room. Provide them with the DPCI number to help them find them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Target stores are holding the figures in the back rooms for an aisle reset that is scheduled for July 29. Some employees/stores may give you trouble and refuse to sell the figures to you because of this date. People who have run into this problem have had luck by requesting to talk to a manager. Whatever they try to tell you, let them know that this date is not a hard sell date. If they try to tell you that the registers won't let them sell the figures to you, this is a lie. If you still have no luck, try another Target and/or a different employee.

I personally had to try two Targets, as the first wouldn't sell to me. The second did, and I purchased the four Turtles pictured above. Good luck to everyone on the hunt!


  1. Looks like I'm making a stop at Target sometime today.

  2. Just tried my first Target and they wouldn't sell them because they said that their street date was the 29th. I'll try another store later this week.

  3. The first Target store I went to said that they would abide the "street date", even though I explained to them the difference between a street date and a put-on-the-shelf date. No dice there.

    The second store was more accommodating. The gentleman went to the back and opened the only case they had and allowed me to pick out two figures, saying that he was imposing a limit of two so that they had product to stock on 7/29. I didn't argue with him as he was already being more gracious than the typical employee. I returned to the same store today and spoke with another associate who was more than happy to get the case for me to let me get as many figures as I wanted. Unsure of my interest in the villain characters and April, I picked the two remaining turtles and went on my way.

  4. i can't tell you how excited i am to hit up all my targets and do this. thank you so much.

  5. You may not have to try the "Target Trick". I just picked up all 4 turtles and Shredder at ToysRUs! You can call ahead and ask if they have them. If they do, they'll be on the pegs so act fast as there weren't many in stock at my ToysRUs.

  6. i'm actually quite keen to have this conversation with a target employee. i'm really into situations where i talk to employees and convince them to do things for me.

  7. I just bought all four turtles at target, they were out on the pegs so I grabbed them up.

  8. hear my tale and see my unboxing at thanks again, roseangelo!

  9. I gave the DPCI number to a very friendly Target employee and they dug a case out of the back. No limit so I know have one of each for my son!