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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

IDW TMNT #12 to be Dan Duncan's Last

IDW editor Bobby Curnow has announced on the IDW message boards that TMNT #12 will be Dan Duncan's final issue as artist.
Unfortunately, during the production of TMNT #11, Dan let me know he wouldn't be able to continue after #12. So what was going to be a 2-issue hiatus has turned permanent. He got a new gig in the world of TV animation. Dan let me know with ample time, and with LOTS of gratitude, both for the opportunity, and for the fans. He's grown to be iconic with IDW Turtles and will be missed a lot. He knows he's welcome back, and we've discussed some exciting possibilities for the future, though they will be shorter in nature. At least for the foreseeable future.
The hiatus Curnow mentions was meant to be a 2-issue break for Duncan, who has been working almost non-stop of the TMNT book for the past year. Andy Kuhn (TMNT Micro-Series #2, Michelangelo) was scheduled to fill-in for issues #13 & #14, and will now also be on issues #15 & #16. No permanent replacement has been named yet.


  1. Oh man, please tell me Ross Campbell is taking over monthly pencils!