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Monday, March 5, 2012

New Pictures Emerge as Website Launch Nears

Note: These pictures were removed by Nickelodeon. However, they are still on dozens of other websites, so I'll be putting them back up soon. If Nickelodeon has a problem with this, I ask that they please e-mail me.

Some savvy TMNT fans over at The Technodrome have noticed signs of activity at the URL, including some elements of what looks to be a website close to ready to launch. These pictures reveal the best look yet at the CGI designs for Splinter, April, the Shredder, and the Kraang, in addition to the Turtles themselves.
Just a handful of the discovered pictures are below; you can view more over on Facebook.
(Note: Facebook followers get these sorts of updates first!)


  1. awwww.. the URL doesnt work anymore :(

    1. Nope, but I still have some goodies from it to share. :)

  2. -->> .. thanks ,Rose. Thought i missed it ..

    ** whew **

    ~ t

  3. Love April's new look (The little "5" on her shirt is what sells it), and Splinter looks FAR less badgery than his toy suggests.