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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Character Profiles for Nickelodeon's New TMNT CGI Series

Note: These pictures were removed by Nickelodeon. I'll have them back on the site as soon as I'm able to.

Among the pages discovered during the brief window of time that the upcoming website for the new Nickelodeon TMNT CGI series was viewable (as described yesterday) was a series of character profiles for all of the main characters. Screen caps of all of these profiles are below.

One note about about Shredder's profile is that it mentions that he has an adopted daughter named Miwa. This is interesting because we learned at last year's Fan Preview Event that Splinter, as the Human Hamato Yoshi, had a daughter that was left behind in Japan when he fled to New York. Could Hamato Yoshi's daughter be Shredder's adopted daughter, Miwa?


  1. Oh awesome. And they accidentally let stuff show on the site? Poo, I missed it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The three toes have grown on me and I know they are trying to add details to make each turtle different from one another but I don't like that gap in Donny's teeth.

  3. -->> 3 CHEERS FOR ROSIE !! !!

    ~ t

  4. Any idea if Leatherhead will be making an apperance? They seem to forget him quite often. Hes my favorite character.. i actually own a signed sketch card (first ever made) by his creator.

  5. Yes, you can expect Leatherhead! A prototype of his toy was displayed at Toy Fair in February.