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Monday, February 6, 2012

TMNT 2012 Toys - Playset, Vehicles & Roleplay

These pics have been around for a few days now, but after taking the weekend off I thought another peek at them would be a good way to start the new week.

The Secret Sewer Lair Playset is an impressive accessory for all those action figures. It stands 42" tall and includes features that include telescoping periscopes, a rope swing and swing-down ladders, zip lines, an elevator, Shredder statue, computer lab, doors that open and close, an ooze drain and more!

And some closer shots:

The main vehicle that will be featured in the series is the Shellraiser, the Turtles' converted rail car that travels through the subway and on the streets. Playmates claims it can hold up to eight of the basic action figures inside, with lots of buttons and doors to keep the ninja action going from the outside.

If you don't already have enough motorcycles to go with your TMNT figures, you'll have yet another opportunity with the Rippin' Rider. And Mikey gets another skateboard. The Sewer Spinnin' Skateboard is loaded with electronics that will have it doing 10+ tricks.

The Ninja Stealth Cycle is actually a pretty neat spin on the tired old use of motorcycles in TMNT toys and TV shows. This cycle transforms into a stealth mode that camouflages the rider from anyone who may be looking down from above.

And in case you don't have enough motorcycles yet, the bad guys get one, too. The Dragon Cycle will flip the rider up out of the seat.

Finally, for all the kids Nickelodeon hopes will be playing Ninja Turtles in the months and years to come, we have role play kits with bandanas, plastic weapons, and some plastic throwing disks.

Or, if you'd like a little more lightsaber in your ninja play, Leonardo's Stealth Sword lights up in a choice of three different colors.

These all look to be great toys for their target market; I continue to hope that the amazing promo pics of the basic Turtles released by Playmates last week don't turn out to be a lie for us adult collectors.


  1. Because nothing says stealth like a sword that lights up...

    Seriously, though, these all do look really great.

  2. Everything looks incredible, I like the packaging design and graphics on these as well. I really think the new series is going to take off with kids, they need more action shows like this. Excited to see how everything moves along! Thanks for posting these

  3. Given how all the actual physical shots of the toys show the non-promo version of the basic line, you can be guaranteed that's what we're getting. A very big disappointment there.

  4. LOL and wow, Hillary already said - verbatim - exactly what I was going to.

    Hell, I'll still say it:
    Because nothing says stealth like a sword that lights up...

  5. @Robert - Agreed. My enthusiasm for this line as deflated a bit with this likely reality. :(

    @Hilary & VforVashaw - I bit my tongue on that thought, too. ^_^ The toy looks fun, but not stealthy.

  6. why is Raph holding his weapon by the blade???

  7. For one thing, I agree with DEREK. Wht is he holding the si's by the blade. Also, I heard they made Miky and Don's weapons sharper. What's the deal with that?