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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Activision to Develop New TMNT Video Game Titles?

Among the new photos from Toy Fair posted yesterday by was the above photo of a sign hanging in the booth. This sign indicates that key licensees working with Nickelodeon on the TMNT property are IDW and Activision. IDW, of course, is publishing a slew of TMNT comic book titles, both new and old. Activision, however, has not officially been connected to the TMNT property.

While it is not a surprise to see Activision, who is partnered with Nickelodeon to turn many of their series into video games, connected to the TMNT, this is the first sign we've seen that something may already be in the works.

Ubisoft had previously held the TMNT license until losing it last June.


  1. What do you suppose they mean by "offbeat PR campaign"? hmmm...

  2. Activision has some pretty deep pockets, I hope we see some really great TMNT games out of them.

  3. The words "Activision" and "great" are seemingly incompatible.

    Prepare yourself for generic,mediocre titles released annually.

  4. Replies
    1. I thought you may have seen a post that was buried deep in the Drome with this very tidbit, but this hit not long BEFORE that post was made.

    2. Ah. Well, most of my posts these days, this one included, are written the night before they're actually posted, and I hadn't seen anyone talking about this picture at that time.