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Friday, January 27, 2012

Upcoming TMNT Collections From IDW

Back in November, IDW released it's first collection of the original TMNT comics by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird with the oversized hardcover, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Collection Vol. 1. Vol. 2 of the Ultimate series is due out sometime in the next couple of months, and a Vol. 3 has popped up on with a July release date listed. The first collection of the new ongoing title is scheduled for next month.

Now, information on some other titles is leaking out:
Over on the IDW TMNT forum, editor Bobby Curnow has shed some light on what is looking to be an aggressive publishing schedule of TMNT reprints. While details are still tentative, it looks like once they get rolling we can expect a book a month in a rotating pattern of different titles.
Essentially we're looking to release everything, staggered... including the Mirage TMNT ongoing (which we will be calling 'TMNT Classic'), Archie (which we will be calling 'TMNT Adventure' I think) and Tales of TMNT (keeping that name).

I think they should start coming out in June, and will follow a schedule something like this:

June- TMNT Classic Vol. 1
July- TMNT Adventure Vol. 1
August- TMNT Classic Vol. 2
September- TMNT Adventure Vol. 2
October- Tales of TMNT Vol. 1
November- TMNT Classic Vol. 3
December- TMNT Adventure Vol. 3
January- Tales of TMNT Vol. 2

And so on.

Again, those are target dates, and are subject to change.

Curnow elaborates that the "Classic" title will include all of the Mirage TMNT books not included in the Ultimate Editions (skipping those in the Ultimate Editions) in the order that they were originally published. These books will be newly colored.

As for the issues that are in the Ultimate Editions, IDW isn't done with those yet. Curnow adds:
HOWEVER, we do plan to release those issues found in the Ultimate Editions on an individual, month by month basis, as stand alone floppies that are colored. The idea being if you want the 'pure, unfiltered' Mirage early stories, you go to the Ultimate Collection. But if you want something new, at a lower price point, there's the floppies, hopefully covering everyone.
So, wow! This is going to be a lot of stuff! This is very encouraging news for TMNT comic book fans, and will hopefully expose the books to many more people who have never read them.


  1. I'm kinda confused so if I want just black and white Mirage comics I stick with Ultimate Collection?

  2. It does seem that the only black & white books at this time are going to be the Ultimate Editions.

  3. I see you linked to for TMNT Classics Vol. 1. It's available on too:

    Is that last section saying they'll be reprinting the Mirage books in color as monthly issues? At first I thought he was talking about the TMNT Classics books, but "floppies" typically means individual monthly issues, not trades. That's really cool, though I already own the originals, so I'll skip those.

  4. This is amazing Ill buy any reprint any version of any TMNT storyline FACT