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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nickelodeon Universe Announces New TMNT Thrill Ride

Posted on Nickelodeon Universe's Facebook page, the new TMNT "Shell Shock" ride has been announced for the Mall of America indoor theme park, located in Bloomington, MN. The ride is scheduled to open in March 2012, and will take riders 70 ft. in the air. Each rider will control their seat, which can rotate wildly like a plane propeller or gently teeter-totter like a seesaw, making no two ride experiences the same.

If Nickelodeon needs anyone to test ride this new attraction, I'd be happy to volunteer. ^_^

But what's really neat about this mock-up of the ride is that it gives us a look at the CGI design for Shredder! Of course, we can't be certain that this is his final design, because it is just a mock-up, but the Turtles are consistent with all the images of them that we've seen so far.

Thanks to Sonia for the tip!


  1. It also looks like Donny has his Bo back and Mikey his Nunchucks.

  2. It's because Mikey and Donnie's weapons have duel modes.
    - Kevin McGill

  3. Wow. Those arm blades on Shredder are a big long.

  4. that's not fair! i live in the UK! I'm not gonna get a go!