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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Turtles Forever" DVD Details Emerge

Just a day after signs of a DVD release were first found, has posted some more solid information, including the (absolutely horrible) box art to the left.

More troubling than the cover art, however, are the details of the DVD release that state it will be in full screen and approximately 70 minutes. If these details are not in error, this is absolutely inexcusable.

Turtles Forever was animated as a widescreen production, and even aired in widescreen when it was presented as a Saturday morning movie. Turtles Forever is also approximately 78 minutes in length, having been edited down to 70 to fit into a 90 minute TV slot.

The complete and widescreen Turtles Forever is available to view on the website, and that is the one and only version that should be released on DVD. Hopefully the provided information is in error, and hopefully that is what will happen; it is probably too soon to panic.

However, if you would like to be pro-active about the situation, you can contact Paramount Home Entertainment customer service via this e-mail address:


  1. Ah, yes. I don't have a Blu-ray player, so I tend to forget about that. There is currently no word on it, but it might be something to tell them at that customer service e-mail address.

  2. Hee hee, didn't you know that it's NEVER too early to panic for a technodrome dweller? XD

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  4. excuse me, my name is alex and i just sent a lengthy email to Paramount. i hope this helps.

  5. This reminds me of the early plans for the first OT DVD with the Epic Begins instead of the full episodes. The fans (and David Wise) were able to point Lionsgate in the right direction for that, so maybe something similar will happen here.

    On a side note, why do people have to pick on the Drome? :( I see TMNT fans panicking about things like this all the time on other forums, blogs, and elsewhere, so I'd say it's characteristic of the fandom as a whole rather than any particular forum.

  6. Well, I think you're jumping a bit quickly to the defensive on that; I don't see anything here that's picking on the Drome.

  7. I agree about the cover art. It doesn't represent the movie in the slightest. As a massive crossover between continuities, it needs to reflect that. I'd prefer one of the poster arts, but heck, I'd even take them using the stock art for the different Turtle universes and use them over this.

    Widescreen/no widescreen doesn't bother me though. I actually prefer no widescreen. I can see how others would be irritated, though.

  8. Why would you prefer an aspect ration that is going to cut off half of the movie?

  9. Sorry for being unclear. My side note was referring to one of the comments here that took a little jab at the Drome, not to the blog post itself. Even then, I wasn't being entirely serious with that sentence.

  10. -->> .. i think most of us love you out here, K.

  11. Yeah, I actually did know what you were referring to, and I do think you're over-reacting. I don't see Mica's comment as picking on the Drome, and I doubt it was intended to be. I see it more as a statement in solidarity.

  12. Roseangelo: You seem to have the wrong idea. I'm not angry or upset about the comment, I'm just trying to prevent people from getting the wrong idea about the Drome by requesting that people not single it out when referring to negative aspects of the fandom. I'm not concerned about the intent of comments like that, only about the impressions they leave.

    We should all keep in mind that no matter which of the sites we visit, we're all TMNT fans, so we're all in on this together.

    And on a side note (not that again! :P), I didn't mean for this to turn into such a big deal. The "picking on the Drome" part was meant to be lighthearted, but it ended up causing more harm than good, so my mistake there.

    tOkKa: It sure doesn't feel that way to me most of the time, but I appreciate the thought. :)

  13. Krang said:
    "The "picking on the Drome" part was meant to be lighthearted, but it ended up causing more harm than good, so my mistake there."

    Dang interwebs! There REALLY needs to be a sarcasm/joking around font ;)

    My little joke about that it's never too early for a technodrome dweller to panic was meant in tongue-in-cheek fun as well.

    I love you Krang! :D I'm sorry you're feeling unloved! *sends squishies*

  14. "Why would you prefer an aspect ration that is going to cut off half of the movie?"

    It doesn't cut off half the movie, give me a break. I can sacrifice a couple of measly centimeters where nothing happens at the sides for an un-squashed picture. Widescreen movies/shows look all sorts of funky on my standard definition, non-flatscreen TV. Either way I'm not enough of a videophile to give a poo.

    I don't know why there's an uproar about running time. The article says "approximately 70 minutes", which 78 falls into. And if I remember correctly, wasn't there twelve minutes shaved from the broadcast version, not eight?

  15. It's one thing to tolerate the different aspect ration, but I think it's ridiculous to prefer it. I still have an old phat standard definition TV, and I can't stand watching the broadcast versions of widescreen TV shows. I waited until I could get an HDTV recording of the Lost finale instead of watching the full screen broadcast live. Totally worth it, even though it was really hard to wait.

    I never implied an uproar over the running time, just a word of caution.

  16. I don't see why it would be ridiculous for anyone to have a preference for anything outside of, y'know weird or dangerous stuff.

    And the uproar is mostly outside of the borders of Ninja Pizza, but since this is an oft-used source in which others get their information, perhaps if my logic is correct, it will nip the whole issue in the bud.

  17. Mica: Thanks. :) And I agree, a font like that sure would come in handy for me sometimes!

  18. Well, I believe I'll be leaving Paramount a little note that if they don't do this right, their green won't be seeing any of my green.

    Seriously, I cannot imagine any good reason to do this. Heck, ditching widescreen sounds as though it would be more work, unless they're releasing widescreen and fullscreen versions (why not just include both on one disc, and uncut?).

    --LBD "Nytetrayn"

  19. -->> Can some of you share a bit of what you are writing to them ??

  20. Here's what I wrote in my e-mail to Paramount.

    Hello, I am writing in regards to the recent announcement that Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing a DVD of TMNT: Turtles Forever on August 24th. I have learned that the disc will present the movie in fullscreen only when in fact Turtles Forever aired on television last November as a widescreen (1.77:1) presentation. Turtles Forever was created as a widescreen feature and a fullscreen version is completely unacceptable to TMNT fans like myself. An uncut, widescreen version is still streaming on the 4Kids website, and until PHE releases a DVD that presents the film in widescreen and uncut, I will not buy this disc. I'm very excited to see where Nickelodeon takes the TMNT in the future, but please don't start on the wrong foot. TMNT has been around for 25 years and its fans vary in age, we know a quality product when we see one and will support it but only when the disc reflects the quality we expect from the franchise.

    Also, TVshowsondvd has a link to revised cover art...barely revised anyway.