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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sideshow Leonardo Comiquette Gallery Now Available

Sideshow Collectibles has released the full gallery for their upcoming Leonardo Comiquette, which will go up for pre-order Thursday June 3 with the release of their weekly newsletter.

The release of the full picture gallery has caused fans and collectors to emit a collective, "Hmmm," as this statue is quite obviously different in style from the other three. The most obvious detail that stands out is Leonardo's lack of visible teeth and how the shape of the mouth actually makes it look like he actually has no teeth.

With closer inspections, other details stand out that make Leo the "One of these things is not like the other" in the set of four Turtles. The plastron seems especially bubbly/cartoony, the fingers and toes seem to be webbed, and Leo has developed some sort of skin disease, seeing how he has warts.

The warts bit is actually what bothers me the most, as it is evidence that the sculptor really wasn't all that aware of the source material he/she was sculpting, and no one along the chain of approvals knew any more to be able to say anything of it. ETA: Going through the other galleries I did find some signs of warts on the other Turtles; I guess they just stood out more in the Leo pictures.

Most disturbing, however, are reports that Sideshow is deleting negative comments about the comiquette on their website. One would hope that a company would use comment moderation to keep their site free on inflammatory comments, and not constructive criticism.

I suppose I'll go ahead and pre-order on Thursday, but I think it's very possible that I cancel the order before it ships. This just sits that bad with me. Hmmm, indeed.


  1. Aargh... What the hell happened? Sideshow was on such a roll. The Don statue blew my mind away when I took it out of the box. The Raph and Mikey statues look just as amazing. But what the hell happened to Leo? I don't want to buy this one, but then I'll have the other three turtles without a leader! I think Sideshow blew it on this one, and Leo's was the one I was looking forward to the most! Is there a chance that Sideshow might call a do-over? I wouldn't mind waiting months, hell, even a whole year if it meant that they could fix this sculpt. Not happy with this.

  2. Didn't like the apperance too that figure really :/