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Monday, February 22, 2010

Special Features Update on German TMNT 1 DVD

German TMNT fan hudemx has reported in again with some new details on the upcoming German DVD release of the first TMNT movie, which will be including special features not yet released anywhere else.

He states that a friend of his has received an advance copy of the DVD, and has this to say about the special features:

  • Commentary: Director Steve Barron greets the audience in German, but then continues in English for the rest of the duration.
  • Deleted Scenes: There are two scenes included, both of which are alternate cuts from two scenes in the movie. The first is of Michaelangelo ordering pizza in the sewers, and the second is of the Turtles fighting the Foot in April's apartment.

And here are some screen shots from the alternate ending:

The DVD is available for pre-order over at, but make sure you're able to play Region 2, PAL-coded DVDs before you do so.


  1. Man, I can't wait for it to arrive... is probably wondering why the shell people all over the world are ordering this baby from them... ;)

  2. Please post video of deleted scenes when you get a chance!

  3. What worries me a bit is that the page doesn't say what the special features are...
    Didn't they mention them a while ago or do I have the publisher's webpage in mind?

  4. The special features are detailed on the DVD publisher's site:

    This was covered in the previous entry about this DVD:


    Have you seen this? Alternate scenes, but no sound..

  6. So I haven't gotten a chance to hunker down and savor the Steve Baron commentary, but from what I've seen from the DVD it's probably going to be the best part.

    The alternate scenes are just a couple the nunchaku-less European cuts. There's a couple interesting alternate cuts that aren't just panning and scanning around Mikey's chucks, but for a movie that actually has deleted scenes the inclusion of these downright incidental alternate cuts (only in German btw) seems really pointless.

    Seeing the alternate ending finally was fun. The visual quality of the scene is about as good as the quality of the scene itself. So glad they didn't use it.

    Hopefully I'll get a chance in the next couple days to have an uninterrupted sit-down with the Baron commentary. Simple as the extra features are, it's still terrific that somewhere someone cared enough to at least make some sort of special edition.

    Also, there's a possibility that with the DVD being set up for use with alternate language tracks that there's an isolated score buried somewhere in the DVD's audio encoding. If it's there I don't think I have the know-how or resources to get to it, but if someone is able to get it, please let me know. John Du Prez's score is outstanding and it'd be great to be able to enjoy it by itself.

  7. Hey Cap, thanks for your comments on this! I'm still waiting for mine in the mail. I'll take a look at what audio tracks are available on the DVD, but from my experience the music score is never isolated from the dialogue; they're always mixed together on separate tracks. Doesn't hurt to check, though!

  8. That's so weird that you haven't gotten yours yet, Rose. There's no way that I ordered it before you did. Zose krazy Germans.

  9. I actually didn't order direct through Amazon. Someone else did a bulk order, so it got shipped to him and then he just recently shipped it to me. It should be here any day.