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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Original TMNT Movie to be Released in Germany ... With Bonus Features!

TMNT fans have been crying out for a better DVD release of the original TMNT movie ever since it first appeared on DVD in 1997. Although it and its sequels have been rereleased several times over the last 13 years, the content on the disc has always been the same, and simple requests like including deleted scenes and director commentary have fallen on deaf ears.

For German fans (and region-savvy fans elsewhere) that is now changing!! TMNT fan hudemx at The Technodrome forums has brought to attention the upcoming German DVD release of the 1990 film.

If you visit the website for the DVD distributor, you can find the list of included bonus features, which are:
  • Trailer
  • Deleted scenes
  • Alternate ending
  • Audio commentary from Director Steve Barron
If you've been reading this site for awhile, you may recall posts that detailed the alternate ending as well as one of the deleted scenes.

So, obviously, this is great news!! Although the bad news is that this seems to be restricted to Germans (for now?). While that may seem like a catch-22 for American fans and other non-Europeans, there are work-arounds to bypass region-locking and PAL coding if you look hard enough.

This DVD will be released on March 12, 2010. If you're ready to order, you can go ahead and do so over at


  1. -->> Rose, you really think they'll let me order it off that site

  2. Yes, absolutely. Just go slowly and use a translator site if you need to.

    And be aware that this will not work in a standard DVD player.

  3. The Simpsons episode were the Germans buy the Nuclear Plant is on right now!


    Auf wieder... I mean...


  4. makes me wonder if the audio commentary is in english or in german... hmmm...


    I can't wait. I'm totally bringing this up on the next Nerdy Show.

    You can get cheapo DVD players like Coby, that have region swapping built into them via a button code on the remote.

  6. ->> Thanks for the insight Cap n' Rose !! !!

  7. I hardly ever use a DVD player anymore. I've been ripping everything to a hard drive that I then stream to my TV.. no region coding issues at all that way.

  8. -->> " ROSE TALKS TECH " ..

    tonight @ 9 on G4 ..

  9. That's fantastic news, Rose... Thanks for the heads up!

    I ordered my copy immediately.

    @Mica: Rest assured, I don't think Steve's commentary will in German. Unless our German friends dubbed it of course... but I really doubt that.

    Whether or not your DVD player is multi-region should be pretty simple to check. If it isn't, you should have the logo of your region (region one in the US) somewhere on the back of your player. If there's no specific region logo on it, it should be multi-region.
    At least that's the deal with European players. I'm not 100% sure it's the case with US players. Maybe someone could confirm this or call me full of it. :)

    That being said, I wonder if the SE will only remain this German exclusivity or if it will one day be released everywhere. I mean, apparently they already have all the material anyway...


  10. -->> Rose it does appear that Brown and Lavigne have contributed a bit to the newer "RETRO" style guide art. I'm not saying it's been implemented perfectly, but there newer worked is in there mixed with Larry Christmas's designs, the old school designs, and the strange "Franken-designs" where it's all mash-up Turtles.

  11. -->> What the hell am i saying it's "ALL MASH-UP" turtles anymore.

    Well pretty much.