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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dan Berger Book Plate to be Included with TMNT #1 Color Reprint

As you'll recall, one of the first victims of last week's announcement was the canceled publication of the "Mirage Universe" book. And with no book to release, that left's awesome Dan Berger-created book plate without a home.

No longer! The book plate will now be included with copies of the TMNT Vol. 1 #1 color reprint (below) that is scheduled for December. At only $3.25 a copy, it's a steal!

Visit to order!


  1. How many of these are usually available?

    I've never pre-ordered one with a bookplate before. But i guess now would be the perfect time seeing as this one has one for a never to be released(as of now) product. Plus the fact there likely won't be many more of this to happen i guess.

  2. No clue how many are usual, but so long as it says a book plate is included when you order (as it does right now), you'll get it. I wouldn't wait, though. It'll sell out quickly after it's published, if not before.

  3. Ok, thanks. Yeah, i figured they wouldn't last long. Was planning on ordering one up tonight.

  4. I'd totally order from Panel to Panel. I pre-ordered the Collected Book Volume One that came out in July with the bookplate, and it came just as described. I think they make the amount of bookplates based on pre-orders; so if you pre-order, I think it'd be safe to say you'd get it.
    Once the bookplates run out, they take it down from their website to avoid confusion. So if you don't see "bookplate" on there, you ain't gettin' any!

    Anyway, the bookplate was freakin' sweet, and the USPS envelope that it came in had on a Turtle on the front--hand-drawn in Sharpie!

  5. Oh, and you know how Eastman has been out of the business for a while? Well, I asked who was going to sign the bookplate, and they speculated it was only going to be Laird (he was still on the Turtles at the time).
    When I received it, it was signed by BOTH Eastman and Laird!