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Monday, March 9, 2009

TMNT Flashback: 1989 Comic Book Store Signing

In a real testament to the idea that "You can buy anything on eBay," I recently acquired some photographs out of of someone's personal collection. The idea of buying someone's personal photos is a bit creepy, but these seemed interesting enough for me to get past that. And I'm glad I did, because in addition to being a truly fantastic blast from the past, there are some really interesting details hidden in the background. These pictures appear to be date stamped August 12, 1989 - nearly 20 years ago!

These first two pictures are pretty similar and feature Steve Lavigne behind the table. I think you can also see a piece of Peter Laird's head in the first picture. What is really great though is in the background there appears to be pictures of the Turtles and Splinter costumes for the then-upcoming movie. The movie filmed in September 1989, so this was even before then!

Here we have one more picture of Steve Lavigne, then a shot farther down the line looking back at both Steve and Peter. In the second photo you can get a slightly better look at one of the photos on the wall.

And here we have a better look at Peter, and finally Kevin Eastman as well. Now we can see a few more pictures on the back wall as well as some comic book covers (and cereal boxes!).

Last, but far from least, we see the end of the autograph line with Jim Lawson, Michael Dooney, and Steve Murphy.


  1. 0_0 ***

    -->> whaaaaii wha wha whaaaaaa


  2. -->> Rose, didn't you give me one of those beat up old ' TEST CEREAL ' boxes ?!


  3. I don't know if it was a test box, but it's very possible I did give you a box of cereal.

  4. Jim Lawson looks exactly the same. Pete, Kevin, Steve, and Murph are all recognizable, but Michael Dooney has really changed!

  5. wow, 20 years ago, thats a brillaint bit of history right there.

  6. Cool! Nice to see pictures from 20 years ago.

  7. those pics are definitely early designs for the turtle suits! it looks like they even have an early splinter movie design too! you never see things like this from the movie,amazing find!