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Friday, March 6, 2009

Kevin Eastman Announces New TMNT Book

Kevin Eastman has announced via his Heavy Metal Web site the publication of a new TMNT book to be released in time for San Diego Comic-Con in July! This new, 180-page book will collect a bunch of his favorite TMNT stories, many newly colored.

The contents of the book are scheduled to include:
  • Jan Strnad & Richard Corben's "Turtles Take Time" in its original color (Vol. 1, #33)
  • Mark Bode's "Shell of the Dragon" in its original black & white (Vol. 1, #18)
  • "Me, Myself, and I," the first appearance of Casey Jones, in color for the first time thanks to Justin Norman (Raphael #1)
  • "Fun With Guns," a TMNT short comic by Eastman with new colors by Blond (Raphael #1, second print; Shell Shock)
  • "The Unmentionables" by Eastman and Talbot in its original duo shades/sepia tones (Vol. 1, #14)
  • "49th Street Stompers" (First graphic novel Book III, Shell Shock)
  • "Complete Carnage and Radical" (Shell Shock)
  • "You Had to be There!" (Vol. 1, #7 back-up story)
  • Plus intros, pin-ups, and more!
Check back for more information on this book as it becomes available!


  1. -->> do i give you a big hug now, or save it up for July ?!

  2. Interesting... Kevin was hinting about this at the NYCC, but I didn't get any details.

  3. This sounds awesome! The preview of the colored Casey Jones issue looks fantastic. Wowee.