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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Video Flashback: Gettin' Down in Your Town Tour

The second entry into the "Video Flashback" series is a personal favorite of mine. After the wildly-successful "Comin' Out of Their Shells" tour, the TMNT hit the road again in a smaller follow-up tour. This tour played in venues at amusement parks and only featured four songs, three of which were new (although the fourth song, "Sing About It," was never actually played in full in the COOTS tour). And all things considered, the songs are quite good! Laugh if you must, but I'll stand by that statement even if Shredder appears at my front door threatening to steal all of the world's music. And even more-so if he breaks into "I Hate Music."

But I digress. Here is the "Gettin' Down in Your Town Tour," in three parts. Enjoy!


  1. -->> ..always cheesy as hell,

    the most adorable aspect about this and the C O O T S videos is the little kids.

    Their reactions to the characters, especially the bad guys is so goddamm cute !!

    Wish i coulda taken my niece to summin like this !!


  2. Was there even a soundtrack released with these for songs or anything. If there was I'd do anything to get my hands on a copy.

  3. The VHS tape came with a mail-in offer to get a cassette tape with the songs from this show. Unfortunately, this tape was so obscure that I didn't even know it existed when it was released, so I never had a chance to send for it. And in all my years of eBay hunting, I've NEVER seen it. :/

  4. Now I'm confused. I could have sworn "I Hate Music" and that ridiculous Shredder were in Coming Out of Their Shells....

  5. -->> ..this was the C O of O S sequel as it were.