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Friday, February 6, 2009

NYCC: Playmates' Comic-Based Figures

New York Comic-Con opened today, somewhat acting as the true kick-off of the TMNT 25th's anniversary "shell-abration." There is a handful of news and pictures being reported around the Interwebs, but I thought I'd start with a look at Playmates' new action figures that are supposedly based on the TMNT comics. Yes, I had to interject a "supposedly" in there.

Since I'm so often accused of being overly negative, let's start with the figure I can say positive things about. Splinter here is really quite nice looking. Does he at all resemble any artistic interpretation of Splinter in any of the comic books? Nope. But that's ok in this case; if the final product looks even a fraction as good as this picture, I'll likely be buying it.

Here's Raphael, who seems to be the only Turtle representing (perhaps Playmates didn't want to deal with any "Why are they all wearing red?" questions?). Again, this is a good looking figure, though not really based on any of the comics.

You'd think it'd be easy enough to get a Foot Soldier right, but this just seems to be a checklist of wrong. What's with the color choices? Why don't his knees bend? And what's with the pig nose? This figure is most unfortunate.

But alas, even more unfortunate is Shredder. I don't even know where to start with this one. Absolutely no part of this figure is proportional with another part, his sword looks like a toy, and that helmet couldn't shred cheese. Oh, and based on the comics? Hell no! Turtle fans need to super glue their fingers crossed that the second wave of NECA figures eventually come out, because, in the ever-wise words of Princess Leia, they're our "only hope."

Here's one more picture from the Playmates booth. I guess this is supposed to be April, but it doesn't take a genius to know that's Uma Thurman's outfit from Kill Bill. Here's a tip: Costume shops may not have generic yellow jumpsuits, but thrift stores do. But at least they have proper TMNT costumes, unlike what we saw at San Diego last summer.

All pictures were stolen from Toy News International. You can visit the link to see more of their pictures from the Playmates booth. I'll be posting more New York Comic-Con news throughout the weekend.


  1. You're dead-on in your analysis Rose. Those music Turtles will never sell...ugly sculpts and 1990s music cliches won't resonate with kids, whom Pete says these are for.

    As someone who actually gives a shit about the characters, it's hard to see Don with gold teeth and Raph dressed up like South Park's Mr. Slave.

  2. -->> .. please don't hold it against me.

    I still want to get the ' Music Turtles' .

    It's just one of those weird things about me i guess.

    I wish NECA had a presence there at NY con- - that would have really helped.


    .. Rose, that Jumpsuit April is wearing is her BTTS jumpsuit.

    Well the actress supposed to be implying that it is .

    And people need to get off Rose's case.

    She says things that need to be listened too and heard !!


    You find balance in what she sez .. and hope for the best.

    Sometimes what she sez can be hard to listen to..

    but there is a definitive hope in what she talks about if you listen close enuff' !!

    It's there !!


  3. No, it actually is the Kill Bill jumpsuit, Tokka. The sticker she's wearing is covering the Kanji embroidery the Kill Bill jumpsuit has.

  4. -->> Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..

    so they WERE LAZY !?

  5. -->> OOOOOOOOO Owen is in your AVATAR !! !!

    KILL BUNNY !! !!

    No no noooooo ..i'd never dream of it !!

    If i did someone would KILL TOKKA !!


  6. Either lazy, or naive to think people wouldn't notice. :p

    And yes, that'd be Owen. :)

  7. Oh dear... Shredder and the Foot Soldier definitely need more work. I agree, though, that I like how Splinter looks and even how the turtles look. But yeah, they don't remind me of Mirage (though the turtles kind of resemble the volume 4 covers). Thanks for the report!