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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Costumes

Mauro sent in this great picture of himself and his girlfriend from last Halloween. He reports that they'll be wearing the same costumes again this year. Anyone else have any TMNT Halloween pictures to share?


  1. *laughes evilly* Here's me in my Venus Costume! ;D

    and Mandy II in her april costume, and KingTut in his Casey costume :)


    I should finish my Venus costume for next CCI .. yeah, I know I always say that :p

  2. I have some pics of me as Casey which I'll send in that not many have seen.

    I can assure they are not as scary as the RARE shot of me in that TMNT dress from a few months back.

  3. Hero, is there any way I can see the piccy of you in the TMNT dress?

    I wanna see!! *whines*

  4. I don't have a copy of me in that dress. Did'nt you see it before on Murph's blog? I am sure you did ;)

    Anyways, in the meantime - Me as Casey Jones

  5. Aside from cosplaying as old-school toon Casey Jones and 2003 Shredder at good ol' Comic-Con, here are a couple of pics of me on Halloween in 2005.

  6. I just discovered this pic of me at age 10 (1990) wearing my home-made TMNT costume.

    My mom made it from scratch. I loved it, even if it did get some ridicule from the wealthier TMNT fans in their store-bought costumes