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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

AC Farley Lunchbox

A while ago I featured a TMNT lunchbox with Michael Dooney art that's part of my non-collection of lunchboxes. Today I've decided to feature the A.C. Farley lunchbox.

Although the lunchbox is copyrighted 1991, it seems to be obviously inspired by the third movie. Copyright dates aren't always 100% reliable, so it might have been a tie-in to the movie. I personally don't recall seeing this one in stores, only on the mighty eBay. But it's awesome and I love it. I'm not aware of this piece of art being published anywhere else, though I welcome people who would like to inform me otherwise do so.

Oh, and speaking of the mighty eBay, I have a duplicate of this box up for auction right now!


  1. -->> ..the ' SAMURAI ' lunch boxes are weird. There was a few right.

    I got the odd, THERMOS shaped red one, it has Dooney's art of the Samurai's on it.


  2. -->> yeh that's the odd Dooney box.

    I love that box !!

  3. I love this lunchbox (and pretty much anything A.C. does). Earlier this year I had the opportunity for him to autograph a few things for me and the lunchbox was one of em.

  4. Hi,

    That lunchbox was for the third movie. I didn't do all that much licensing art at Mirage. It was done specifically for that lunchbox and it wasn't used for anything else, that I'm aware of. It's pen and ink with textured acrylics in the background. I remember Eric 2.0 sending the lunchbox to me. I drew on it with a gold metallic pen.


  5. -->> CRAIG , DUDE !! !!

    It's so damm beautiful, even for a lunchbox !! !!