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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unofficial Official TMNT Sequel News

It seems that fans tOkKa's and Putrescent's eyes have served them well and they have spotted some updates to Playmates' Web site.

There are some toy updates and a little bit of info on Back to the Sewer if you want to go looking, but the big news comes in the form of two paragraphs that reveal plans for a CGI/live action movie to be released in 2010 (see graphic).

As fantastic news as this is (although not completely surprising, as it has been somewhat hinted at), I find myself full of caution as I try to be optimistic. Imagi's continued involvement is what concerns me most.

The reason a full-CGI sequel agreement never happened between Imagi and Mirage was, seemingly, differences in opinion on where to take the story. Deciding to do a CGI/live action hybrid movie doesn't mean you don't have to worry about telling a good story. And as much as I absolutely love the look of the 2007 movie, I don't know how well those Turtles will blend with live action. I'm afraid this effort is going to come off looking like Garfield, when it really needs to look like Transformers.

I suppose only time will tell, so I will keep my fingers crossed that everyone involved in this project is truly interested in making a good movie and not just in selling another batch of action figures and other licensed crap. Hopefully we'll get some more concrete info on the project in the near future.

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