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Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic-Con: Thursday & Friday

So much going on here that I haven't had much time to sit and compose anything coherent.

Thursday the TMNT passports made their debut. There are three booths that you run around to to get stamps and eventually throw your name into a fishbowl to enter a giveaway. But if you aren't at Comic-Con, don't fret - the contest being entered here is exactly the same thing you enter yourself in through the newly launched Web site.

Yesterday afternoon myself and Tokka got to briefly meet and converse with TMNT writer Jake Black and TMNT artist Dario Brizuela, both of whom are fantastic people. I also met with Jake again briefly today. He reports that TMNT director Kevin Munroe is wandering the show floor, though I haven't seen him around myself.

Here's a pic of the back of the manhole cover included with the SDCC exclusive Mouser 3-pack:

You can view all of my Comic-Con photos here, although not all are TMNT-related.

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